Wren Taylor is into rocks, jewelry, art, tarot, palm reading and so many other things. 

Acrostic Jewelry

Beads, gems and stones have been worn as amulets or talismans on every continent, by every culture throughout history. The Ancients believed them useful when hunting and gathering, for protection, medicinal reasons, to aid in other problems or to remind one of a connection to spirit. 

Wren Taylor links this magical history together with the concept of acrostic jewelry by incorporating the qualities of each stone to support the individual characteristics of each virtue. A natural stone bead is chosen to represent each letter of a virtue. For example, the letter H in Health is represented by the stone Heliotrope. Not only must the stone's name fit the alphabetic assignment, but the lore, history or magical qualities of that stone must correspond with the qualities assigned the individual virtue.  See Wren's Acrostic Jewelry page for more information. 

Wren's Regular Jewelry 

Wren Rocks uses her knowledge of stone to link magical and psychic characteristics together to develop truly wonderful jewelry.  To see more about her standard jewelry, please see her Wren's Jewelry page.

Wren's Artwork 

Wren has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (BFA) from the Maine College of Art. As a renowned sculptor she is credited with bronze gates in Washington DC and is a master mold maker. She is available for consultation on mold making and has a few art pieces available for sale.  Please see Wren's Artwork page for further information.  

Wren Taylor Psychic 

Wren has been a psychic since her youth. Over the years she has developed her psychic skills and has become a "psychic's psychic."  She specializes in tarot and palmistry and is available for workshops and parties in the Atlanta, GA area. Please see Wren's Psychic page for further information.